Elevate Your Capoeira Skills.

Ready to take on new challenges? Join our Advanced Capoeira classes today.

Our advanced classes are designed to challenge experienced Capoeiristas, focusing on refining technique, mastering complex movements, and developing advanced acrobatic skills.
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Unlock Your Potential
With our welcoming atmosphere and high energy workouts, you'll achieve new heights.
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Technique Mastery

Perfect your movements to become a Capoeira Master.

Physical Fitness
Build strength, agility, and endurance through Capoeira training.
Acrobatic Skills
Learn flips, spins, and aerial maneuvers to elevate your Capoeira performance.
Self-Defense Mastery
Gain confidence and the ability to protect yourself.

Unlock Your True Potential

Push your limits and achieve new heights in your Capoeira journey.
Discover the thrill of intricate sequences and effective self-defense techniques.

Join a supportive community of fellow practitioners who inspire you to excel .

Challenge yourself both physically and mentally with our fun and engaging advanced classes.
Become a Master in Advanced Capoeira Techniques
Refine techniques, master complex movements, and develop acrobatics.
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Experience the thrill and growth of mastering advanced Capoeira techniques
Community Support
Find lifelong friends and mentors who inspire you on your journey.
Mental Focus
Sharpen your mind and improve your concentration.
Agility and Coordination
Move with grace and fluidity in every aspect of your life.
Performance Opportunities
Ignite the stage and share your passion with others.
Cultural Immersion
Connect with Brazilian heritage and traditions.
Personal Growth
Transform physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Join Our Advanced Classes Today!

Experience the thrill of mastering advanced techniques and becoming a true Capoeirista. With our supportive community, you'll achieve greatness.

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